List of Accepted Minisymposia

Advanced Numerical Simulations for Kinetic Equations
F. Vecil and J-M. Qiu

Advances in Domain Decomposition, Multilevel and Multigrid Methods
B. Ayuso de Dios and L. Zikatanov

Applications of Dynamical Systems to Dynamical Astronomy
G. Gómez, M.W. Lo and J.J. Masdemont

Applications of Topological Methods to Dynamical Systems
M. Gidea and P. Roldán

Asymptotic Dynamics and Perturbations
J. Arrieta and A. Carvalho

Cardiac Dynamics
B. Echebarria, E. Cherry and F. Fenton

Computational Approaches to Detection, Estimation and Long Time Simulation of PDE Control Systems
H.T. Banks and J.A. Burns

Computing Invariant Manifolds in Challenging Circumstances
H.M. Osinga and B. Krauskopf

Continuous and Discrete Dynamical Systems with Applications to Biology
A. Ackleh and À. Calsina

Convergent Numerical Methods For Viscous Compressible Flows
K. Karlsen and T. Karper

Data Assimilation for Very Large Dynamical Systems
A.S. Lawless

Delay Differential Equations in Applications
P. Słowiński and R. Szalai

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Partial Differential Equations
B. Ayuso de Dios, L.D. Marini and C.W. Shu

Discrete Variational Dynamical Systems and Numerical Analysis
D. Martín de Diego and E.  Martínez Fernández

Dynamical Systems and Space Exploration
G. Gómez, M.W. Lo and J.J. Masdemont

Dynamical Systems and the Onset of Turbulence in Shear Flows
M. Avila

Dynamical-Systems Computational Methods for PDEs: Applications.
J. Sánchez and M. Net

Dynamical-Systems Computational Methods for PDEs: Techniques
J. Sánchez and M. Net

Effective Macroscopic Descriptions of Microscopic Dynamics
M. Hermann and K. Matthies

Entropy Methods in Evolution PDEs
P.A. Markowich, J.L. Vázquez and M. Bonforte

Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals and Composites
M.C. Calderer

Fluid Dynamics: Coherent Structures and Asymptotic Behavior
M. Beck and D. Uminsky

Fluids and Harmonic Analysis
M. Schonbek and M. Cannone

Game Theory and Optimization in Cancer Therapy and Social Issues
R.A Gatenby and M.A. Herrero

High-Order Time-Stepping Schemes and Applications.
J. Rossmanith and A. Christlieb

High-Precision Numerics and Dynamics
R. Barrio

Instabilities and Transition in Rapidly Rotating Flows
F. Marques and J. López

Kinetic Theory and Related Topics
F. Bolley, J.A. Cañizo, M. Escobedo and I Gamba

Liquid Crystals: Biaxial Phases, Singularities and Elastomers
M.C. Calderer

Localized States and Homoclinic Snaking in Fluid Flows
E. Knobloch and I. Mercader

Mathematical Models in Image Processing
V. Caselles

Mathematical Models of Biological Aggregations
R. Fetecau

Model Reduction Methods and Applications
F. Chinesta and A. Falco

Multiscale Modeling of Complex Fluids
M.C. Calderer

Multiscale Models for Polymer Transport Dynamics
A. Arnold and T. Lelièvre

Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering
J. Rankin, D. Barton

Nonlinear Dynamics of Molecular Vibrations and Chemical Reactivity
R.M. Benito

Nonlinear Elasticity and Microstructure
M.C. Calderer

Nonlinear Wave Propagation in Singular Perturbed Systems
P. van Heijster and B. Sandstede

Novel Applications and Variants of the Stefan Problem
T.G. Myers

Numerical Methods for Complex Fluids
M.C. Calderer

Numerical Multiscale Methods for Stochastic and Kinetic Systems
G. Samaey and W. Vanroose

Parabolic Dynamics, Mean-Field Equations and Related Particle Systems
M. Gonzalez and M. Gualdani

Particle and Mean Field Models for Flocking and Swarming
A. Barbaro and M. Fornasier

Pattern Formation with Mean Flow
V. Rottschäfer and R. Wittenberg

Patterns and Waves in Lattice Dynamical Systems
H.J. Hupkes and B. Sandstede

Recent Advances on Isolas and Invariant Manifolds: Numerics and Application
D. Avitabile, M. Desroches and S. Rodrigues

Recent Advances on Numerical Methods for PDEs in Quantitative Finance
C. Vázquez and I. Achdou

Relating Structure and Dynamics in Biochemical Networks
M. Mincheva and M.  Leite

Rigorous and Heuristic Methods in Exponentially Small Phenomena
T. M-Seara

Secondary Calculus and PDEs
A.M. Vinogradov

Stability of Traveling Waves. Parts I,II,III, IV
A. Ghazaryan, Y. Latushkin and S. Schecter

Stochastic Dynamics of Networks
P. Kramer

Stochastic Models for Neuronal Dynamics in a Network
P. Kramer

Symmetries and Numerical Bifurcation Analysis of Large-Scale PDEs
N. Schlömer

Systems of Conservation Laws and Related Equations Modeling Sedimentation Problems
R. Bürger and P. Mulet

The Chemotaxis Phenomenon: Modeling Issues, Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Challenges
V. Calvez and L. Corrias

The Theory and Applications of Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems
M. Jeffrey and S. Hogan

Variational Models in Image Analysis I: Ill-Posed PDEs
A. Chambolle and M. Novaga

Variational Models in Image Analysis II: Regularity For Degenerate PDEs
A. Chambolle and M. Novaga

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